Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senate Coverage- Noteable News and possible leads

For the Senate Meeting of November 17th, 2008

Student Russell Feely came to the meeting to speak during the open floor portion. Feely voiced his concerns about what has been done in the past to improve the transparency of the Senate as well as building a Senate that works well together.
In response the Senate sited retreats that Senators attend in order to create stronger relationships between them. Also the Senate mentioned there success in strengthening their transparency through holding meetings at the Mary White Teft Center more frequently in order to encourage participation. Further the senate sited time sensitive legislation and student involved sub-committees. Above all the Senate commended Feely for coming before them and holding them to their responsibilities, something the Senate wishes it could see more of.

On Wednesday Alicia Merschen-Perez will be talking to John King about various items. Most notably, the Senate will be bringing up the concept of a Safe Ride program for the student body. Plans like this at other schools have utilized methods to provide rides home for drunk drivers.
IRHA- Mr. RWU is set for Saturday Night.

ICC- Hosting Senior Night this Friday at Gillary's 7:30-12pm- There will be one extra bus than there were for last Senior Night at Topsides.

WQRI- In following with creating more jobs by splitting positions the station appointed a new Promotions Director, as well as an Underwriting Director.
The station also appointed their first Genre Director ever. Max Blackledge is now the Hip-Hop Genre Director.
$800 was granted to the station for a new HP Laptop for a live unit. The intention is to created better quality remote broadcasts. Along with this the station plans to begin broadcasting home games at RWU. This will start with the men's basketball team and parlay into several other sports as time progresses.

The Multi-Cultural Student Union will be hosting a Senior Yard Work Day on November 22nd and will be hosting the annual 5K Trot on the following day, the 23rd.
Planning is also continuing for their celebration of Chrismahanukwanizakeed as well as the next Global Fest.
Planning has also begun for Black History Month

CEN-Friday at 9pm in the upper commons there will be a comedy show.
The Dark Knight will be showing on December 2nd at 8pm in CAS 157
On December 5th there will be a Stuntman for a Breaking Norms program. CEN is also working on improvements for the Spring Chameleon Club.

Academic Affairs- expressed concerns about diversity within the curriculum

Student Affairs-had an interesting discussion about Juicy Campus. They suggested ways not only to deter students from using the site but also to offer support to those who are targeted. A support hot line was offered as a potential method. Student Affairs also met with Director Dan Goff to discuss the safe rides program.

Public Relations-are putting the finishing touches on Student Senate Day on Wednesday from 10am-2pm

Winter Illumination Committee is having Ginger Bread Cookie Decorating for their event to accompany the illumination itself.

Alumni Council- is continuing to plan for the Alumni Dinner in the commons. Ron Tippe, the President of the Alumni Executive Council, is compiling a list of Alumni along with their occupations. The date is still tentative but it will take place either December 4th, 5th or 6th.

The Ad-Hoc Committee on Alcohol and Students- building their foundation as a young committee. They want to ask the student body "Does RWU have a drinking problem?" or perhaps "What would happen if RWU banned hard alcohol?". Committee chair Brian McGrath suggested posing these questions will create a stir among the student body, thus spreading awareness of the committee.

The Senate passed three bills, all of which were chair appointments sponsored by the Senate Executive Board. Cory Egan was appointed to the position of Finance Chair, Lindsey Spinella was appointed to the position of Senior Class Vice President and Senator Cait Gosselin was appointed as chair for the Recycling and Sustainability Committee.

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