Monday, April 20, 2009

Immediate action against Tent City

Well it only took less than 24 hours for RWU to put a stop to some outdoor summer fun. An email was sent to Bayside residents explaining the summer policies. Along with the no open container rule was this:

Camping- Please do not set up you tents in the Baside U's. The university is not able to provide any security measures for those individuals sleeping outdoors. Also, maintenance and facilities will be hindered from properly maintaining our outdoor space with tents set up outdoors. *All tents set up will be removed at the owners expense*"

Sorry guys, looks like your city was ruled under a dictatorship.

Tent City

Whitecap residents, including Mike Malmberg and Jesse Dickson, were struck by a little cabin fever and decided to go camping--in the middle of the Bayside Courtyard.

As of this posting they are sleeping in their tents. Score one for student debauchery.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RWU in the news

RWU had only one major mention in the news this week.

The Hartford Examiner conducted an interview with RWU student and twice published author Estevon Vega. At only 18, Estevon is in the process of penning his third book titled Arson. The interview delves into Estevon as a writer and discusses his latest creation.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Herald Out today

Hi kids,

So it seems that the printed version of the Herald is a bit delayed today. However, the paper is up in all its glory online at:

Included in this week's issue are stories about:

* The STAND Die-In
* A Cedar Break-in
* The cancellation of the Spring Weekend Chameleon Club
* Features on Twitter and other cool stuff
* Large Tax-Day protest
* Roe v Wade Lawyer speaks at law school.
and much much more...

Read it and weep!

Academic Showcase

An exposition featuring the work of RWU's best, brightest, and most talented is on display in the Architecture School's gallery. Check it out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

RWU in the news

RWU made only a few solid appearances in the news last week, but as promised we have them for you here:

To celebrate Earth Day, RWU and Bon Appetit` dining are holding a "low carbon" meal, which apparently means that they serve food that required less pollution to produce? Kind of confusing.. either way the meal got a write up in the Providence Journal.

Also in the Providence Journal is an article about Planet Forward--an upcoming PBS show about reducing reliance on fossil fuel--that includes a number of video clips and appearances from RWU students. The show will air on Wednesday at 8:00 PM.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

RWU in the news

So we thought it might be interesting to do a weekly breakdown of how Roger Williams is being covered in the media; thus the beginning of the weekly blog feature: RWU in the news here is the first edition:

The Providence Journal just published an article on the difficult job market for college grads, that reminds us quite a bit of the article that Tim Hollan wrote for this week's issue of the Herald. Robbin Beauchamp, director of our Career Center is quoted in the article.

One of RWU's own, professor Renee Soto, read some poetry at the providence public library, as part of their week long poetry slam. While you already missed Soto, you can read about the rest of the slam in the Providence Business News

Time Magazine quoted RWU architecture professor Hasan-Uddin Khan in an interesting piece about designing modern masques for a globalizing world. Definitly worth a read.

And finally the Warren Times featured Roger Williams in an article about how local residents are working with our aquaculture program to raise oysters and repopulate the bay. Oysters filter out poluttion from water and are thus an integral part of any effort to clean up the bay.

Well that about sums it up, enjoy the new feature.

Hiatus over!

Hi kids,

So we haven't posted for a while but we're back. As of yesterday the new Herald is out and about, both in its physical and web manifestations. Not only do we give you the skinny on all the alcohol conversation, but also info on the RIPTA's status, and much more. Also take note of our new news tidbits section where you can find small briefs on the items that may not deserve larger stories.

Read the website, or pick up a copy. At the Hawk's Herald we print all the news and more. Cheers

P.S there will be no issue next Friday due to Easter weekend, however, we expect a few articles to make it online.