Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poll results and new poll

In the last poll, the question of "luckiest item" was asked of the RWU community. Well, here are the results:

1st: four-leaf clover (62%)
2nd: penny (25%)
3rd: ladybug; number 7 (12%)
4th: horseshoe; rabbit's foot (0%)

In light of Spring Weekend, our next poll is asking a question involving the spring concert, so don't be afraid to vote! :)
If you vote "other", comment on this post to tell us what we missed. Also, don't forget you can vote for more than one if you're not fully decided :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Police log: March 3-10

RWU managed to make a few interesting appearances in this week's police log. There were three arrests made: Rismand Pelz, 21, for possession of marijuana; Eric Markow, 19, with willful trespass; Kyle Romitti, 18, willful trespass and possession of marijuana. A wallet was also reported stolen from the rec center, and most interestingly:
A Roger Williams University caller requested police remove a 22-caliber bullet found by their public safety officers in the commons area. It did not appear to have been recently left.
Any ideas as to where the bullet came from? Let us know!

And in the town of Bristol, neighbors are at it again:
An Elmwood Drive resident informed police a neighbor stole a football from their lawn.
To read the full logs, click here!

Friday, March 13, 2009

School gives money to Bristol

Well, we did it again, we made the news with this story about RWU giving 25,000 to Bristol to help pay for civic problems.

One interesting note is that Bristol residents have a habit of bashing RWU whenever given a chance, notice there are no comments on this story about RWU positive influence on the community.

Accused stalker arrested

Continuing the veritable parade of news articles featuring RWU, a former dean was arrested today and accused of sending harassing letters to the university since 2001. The article describes the letters as "insulting, derogatory and inflammatory." You can read the entire article here, and expect more from us on this story over the next few weeks. Cheers.

Parking story on the Website

We promised you updates on the parking changes at RWU and an article was just uploaded to the site. You can read it here.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Herald article making waves

An article in last week's Hawk's Herald discussing the hiring of Nirschel's son Chris inspired a similar article in the chronicle of higher education that appeared today. You can read that article here.

For the record, they got scooped by us.

UPDATE: the Bristol Phoenix has also posted an article here

Former RWU trustee and school battling over Bayside

The Providence Journal posted this interesting and important story on their website just a few minutes ago. Apparently Ralph Papitto, the former RWU chairmen of the board who resigned after uttering racial epithets at a meeting has sued RWU over the ownership of Baypoint. In response RWU has counter sued. Let the cat-fight begin.

We will have more on this in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Awesome upcoming exhibit at RWU

Yesterday as we were traipsing through the architecture building we noticed that the "Into the Big Blue" art exhibition had been taken down. In case you missed it, the exhibit featured a number of interesting pieces by Tayo Heuserta including a human brain and an interesting shadow piece. 

But what struck us yesterday was that visiting artist Deborah Aschheim was discussing the layout of her upcoming display titled "on memory and forgetting," which will begin on March 11. After checking out her work online   we became very excited. The picture at the top is her work.

We snapped this picture of Deborah looking at the space with DJ who works in the architecture building. Notice the hanging plugs that power the LED's she uses in her pieces. 

Parking and lazyness

As you may have read in the paper, since we are not publishing another print issue until after spring break coverage of the major parking changes will be continuing online over the next few weeks. Check in and be the first to know the deal. 

In another note, you may have noticed the blog has been rather sparse over the last month. I attribute this to the new presence of our website and the continued dreariness of winter. Soon, when we are all frolicking in the spring air, we hope to better catalogue the little enjoyable oddities of this here university. Cheers.

New Herald out today

Hey kids, 

So the latest issue of the Hawk's Herald came out today and it is jammed packed with interesting news. Here's the breakdown:

1. A story on RWU's fall hiring of President Nirschel's son. 
2. H and I lot are most likely going to become parking for law school students only... right after spring break. 
3. A number of students were arrested and transported at the last Chameleon Club. 
4. A feature on how broke students are planning to spend spring break. 
5. A feature on alternative spring breaks. 
6. Good ol' WTF of the week
7. RWU gives money to Bristol's public library. 
8. Opinion pieces on RWU's drinking habits. 
9. Sports, music reviews and the results from last week's poll. 

And much, or at least some more!

So pick up a copy, or read it online at