Friday, March 6, 2009

Awesome upcoming exhibit at RWU

Yesterday as we were traipsing through the architecture building we noticed that the "Into the Big Blue" art exhibition had been taken down. In case you missed it, the exhibit featured a number of interesting pieces by Tayo Heuserta including a human brain and an interesting shadow piece. 

But what struck us yesterday was that visiting artist Deborah Aschheim was discussing the layout of her upcoming display titled "on memory and forgetting," which will begin on March 11. After checking out her work online   we became very excited. The picture at the top is her work.

We snapped this picture of Deborah looking at the space with DJ who works in the architecture building. Notice the hanging plugs that power the LED's she uses in her pieces. 

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  1. her stuff looks amazing.
    thanks for posting this :-)