Friday, March 6, 2009

New Herald out today

Hey kids, 

So the latest issue of the Hawk's Herald came out today and it is jammed packed with interesting news. Here's the breakdown:

1. A story on RWU's fall hiring of President Nirschel's son. 
2. H and I lot are most likely going to become parking for law school students only... right after spring break. 
3. A number of students were arrested and transported at the last Chameleon Club. 
4. A feature on how broke students are planning to spend spring break. 
5. A feature on alternative spring breaks. 
6. Good ol' WTF of the week
7. RWU gives money to Bristol's public library. 
8. Opinion pieces on RWU's drinking habits. 
9. Sports, music reviews and the results from last week's poll. 

And much, or at least some more!

So pick up a copy, or read it online at

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