Saturday, January 31, 2009

Campus snowman

This snowman popped up outside the Commons after the last snow storm. It's a pretty impressive snowman, and if anyone knows who built it please comment on this post. :)

*according to one of our readers who commented on this post, the snowman was built by some of the swimmers and wrestlers...thanks :)

Mystery tire swing

We actually noticed the tire swing last semester, but never got around to taking a picture. The swing is located across from the back of the Bayside 200s near the woods. We have no idea how it got there or why, but if anyone knows or has any information on the swing, please comment on this post. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Police log Jan. 20-27

Well another week has gone by without RWU's name in the Bristol police logs. However, school is back in session and perhaps next week a student will manage to make it in the papers. For now, enjoy reading about ice ruining cars and teens arrested for assault by clicking here.

Poll results & new poll

The blog poll answering the question of favorite snow hobby is officially closed. Here are the results:

1st - build snowmen/snowball fight (44%)
2nd - sledding (33%)
3rd - doesn't like snow (22%)
4th - eat snow-catch snowflakes/build a fort-igloo (11%)
5th - make snow angels/skiing/snowboarding (0%)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoveling for "cash money"

According to an email sent out by John King today, RWU is compiling a list of students to be on call to shovel snow if needed. That alone is not particularly noteworthy, however, the way King writes it is :
"We are currently gathering a list of students interested in being on call to shovel snow for cash money if we have a major storm."
That's right, "cash money." Kind of like cash money records, the record label of such Hip Hop stars as Lil' Wayne. Let it be forever known that John King is accidentally hip. If you are interested in filling your pockets with cash money email your name, building/room number, and cellphone number to King at jjking@rwu

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bristol police/fire logs Dec. 29 - Jan. 6

While RWU managed to remain out of the logs this past week, popular spots for students did not. At Topside Lounge a group of people were reported arguing, one ending up in the Rhode Island Hospital. An intoxicated man was taken to the Newport Hospital after a report of disorderly conduct at the Sip 'n Dip on Hope Street. However, this week's favorite log had nothing to do with hospitlization or fighting:

Police investigated a report of men opening manhole covers on the corner of State and First streets. They were discovered to be plumbers clearing a drain from a home to town sewer.

To read more logs, click here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Emergency siren warning system at RWU

During winter break, RWU will be installing an emergency siren warning system (ESWS) on campus. There will be four sirens placed around the campus to warn people of "life-threatening" situations, such as "lightning storms, chemical spills or a dangerous intruder."

If an emergency occurs, the Department of Public Safety will activates the system, which sends students a phone call/voice mail, text message and email on top of the sirens. When the sirens sound, everyone is advised to seek the nearest shelter.

Sound tests for the siren will be held during the day January 20-23. Additional tests will be announced on the ESWS webpage, which you can also visit for more information. To hear a test, click here.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

RWU hires big name

RWU has hired a prominent figure away from RI's state administration to take the position of "senior vice president and chief business and administration officer." Jerome F. Williams, was Director of RI' Department of Administration and prior to that RI's Department of Transportation.

Williams is the latest in a series of big names to walk through the revolving door between RI public service and RWU. At the end of the 2007-2008 school year former public safety director J. David Smith left RWU to run RI's Emergency Management Agency, and Providence police chief Dean Esserman has some involvement with RWU's criminal justice program.

Williams' appointment at RWU comes at a time when the school's endowment has decreased by approximately 20 percent. During Williams' time with the DOA he cut staff, and organized a series of capital projects. It is possible his position at RWU will include working with the school's numerous construction projects and navigating the current financial crisis. It is currently unclear if Williams' position at RWU was created specifically for him or if he is filling a vacancy. Expect more updates on this story soon.

Read the Providence Journal article on Williams here

Police imposter strikes again

According to the Bristol Phoenix a 75-year-old woman was pulled over on Metacom Ave. by a man impersonating a police officer on Dec. 18. The incident was eerily similar to one earlier this year when a RWU student also encountered an imposer but refused to get out of her car. Police don't know if the incidents are related. You can read the full story here

Bristol police report 12/22-12/28

Another week of crime has come and gone in Bristol RI. This is our particular favorite from this week:
"A Brian Drive man told police his wife poured a beer on his head."
It is times like these that I am most proud to be human. Check out the rest of the report here