Saturday, January 3, 2009

RWU hires big name

RWU has hired a prominent figure away from RI's state administration to take the position of "senior vice president and chief business and administration officer." Jerome F. Williams, was Director of RI' Department of Administration and prior to that RI's Department of Transportation.

Williams is the latest in a series of big names to walk through the revolving door between RI public service and RWU. At the end of the 2007-2008 school year former public safety director J. David Smith left RWU to run RI's Emergency Management Agency, and Providence police chief Dean Esserman has some involvement with RWU's criminal justice program.

Williams' appointment at RWU comes at a time when the school's endowment has decreased by approximately 20 percent. During Williams' time with the DOA he cut staff, and organized a series of capital projects. It is possible his position at RWU will include working with the school's numerous construction projects and navigating the current financial crisis. It is currently unclear if Williams' position at RWU was created specifically for him or if he is filling a vacancy. Expect more updates on this story soon.

Read the Providence Journal article on Williams here

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