Saturday, April 4, 2009

RWU in the news

So we thought it might be interesting to do a weekly breakdown of how Roger Williams is being covered in the media; thus the beginning of the weekly blog feature: RWU in the news here is the first edition:

The Providence Journal just published an article on the difficult job market for college grads, that reminds us quite a bit of the article that Tim Hollan wrote for this week's issue of the Herald. Robbin Beauchamp, director of our Career Center is quoted in the article.

One of RWU's own, professor Renee Soto, read some poetry at the providence public library, as part of their week long poetry slam. While you already missed Soto, you can read about the rest of the slam in the Providence Business News

Time Magazine quoted RWU architecture professor Hasan-Uddin Khan in an interesting piece about designing modern masques for a globalizing world. Definitly worth a read.

And finally the Warren Times featured Roger Williams in an article about how local residents are working with our aquaculture program to raise oysters and repopulate the bay. Oysters filter out poluttion from water and are thus an integral part of any effort to clean up the bay.

Well that about sums it up, enjoy the new feature.

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