Friday, November 21, 2008

New Herald out today

The latest issue of the Hawk's Herald came out earlier today. Inside you will find the following:

Why one student wears shorts in the winter
An article on dorm damage
Faculty approve proposed new contract
An article about students stealing food from the cafeteria
A synopsis of David Gergen's visit to RWU
A number of interesting opinion pieces and letters to the editor.
How RWU plans to combat student drug use
and much more

Actually after listing all of that I would say this is a pretty packed issue. Check it out, and remember you heard this week's breaking news first on this blog.


  1. Among the things I miss most about RWU is the drug abuse. Thanks for bringing me back, man.

  2. that was a really good issue.

    also, one of the wqri cd reviews in it was done by me :-)