Monday, November 10, 2008

Senate Coverage- Noteable News and possible leads

For the senate meeting of 11/10/2008

During this weeks meeting there were a few things that may be newsworthy in the coming weeks-
WQRI is undergoing their semester evaluations and making assessments on their evolving station. QRI Representative to the senate Dom Lombardi said that they will be creating new jobs in the station by splitting the responsibilities of current positions. Also, the station will be planning to make changes to their on air sound including better broadcast sound quality as well as "new music" time slots. Additonally the stations methods for training will be changing.

The Multicultural Student Union will be hosting a Christmahanukwanzikee[sp] which now includes a middle eastern holiday.

IRHA- Mr RWU seems to be slated for December 2nd if I have it correctly.

Student Affairs talked about parking issues including several appeals which have generally been tabled. Juicy Campus continues to be a point of discussion within the senate and SA wants to address ways to deter use of the site. Also SA spoke about having a meeting about a Safe Rides program, which in the past John King has said he and President Nirschel wouldnt necesarily be thrilled about, arguing that such programs do not work proactively towards the drinking issue. Finally the SA will be soon to host an Open Session much like the open forum with the president but with the Senate.

Finance Committe declined to allow AIS and Construction Management sizeable moneys (which will further be investigated)

The Alumni Council has set a date for the AEC dinner where Alumni will attend dinner at the commons and students will be encouraged to sit with them. The Alums would be separated by major allowing same major students to sit with the almimlni. The hope on the end of the AEC is to build relationships between Alumni and students that bear fruits of networking and mentoring. The date is set for December 4 at 6pm in the upper commons.

The Winter Illumination Committe, who got $500 after their bill passed this evening, will be involving the chorus for the event.

The Dining Committee reminded everyone of the food drive that is going on as well as the holiday pie sale. The deadline for pie orders is thursday, November 20th.

The senate passed two bills. One bill allowed the afformentioned funding for the WIC. Finally, a bill passed creating an ad-hoc committee on Alcohol and Students. The committee would be comprised completely of students and would encourage all students to contribute ideas, concerns and criticisms related to the alcohol issue at RWU.

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