Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama headquarters: The Biltmore Hotel in provdence

Alright sorry this took so long but the connection at the top of the Biltmore was lackadaisical at best.

From the Obama headquarters.

The moment when the networks announced Obama as a winner was surreal. People flung themselves into each others arms with an emotion only wrought in moments of sublime unbridled joy or those of intense unquenchable sorrow.

A man danced with a women next to him his wine spilling on the floor as sweat rolled down his forehead. He exclaimed to nobody in particular "i love you"

The sound was overwhelming. Screams of pure excitement, distilled happiness. Then came the tears. They flowed free, breaching levees of self control.

They cried for the end of the Bush years, they cried for the first black president they cried because the emotion they felt could not be expressed with words or sounds. They cried because they could.

A black lady with dredlocks told me that she never in her lifetime expected anything of this magnitude to occur for african-americans. She cried as she spoke, a tear rolling down her cheek as her voice wavered. She didnt have the words.

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