Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We hope you enjoyed our live coverage of election day. You can expect to see more coverage of the election in Friday's Herald. Keep checking the blog in the coming days for more video of the day's events. The clips are currently on the editing room floor as they say.

Here are just a few more interesting moments from the end of last night:

- In the lobby of the Biltmore a highly intoxicated man became violent, punching a number of walls while lamenting the fact that he had been kicked out of the campaign party. He claimed to have been working for Obama for two years.

- A man in his early 20s wearing a thick pair of leather gloves approached us and explained that something green was growing on his hands. We found this to be relatively creepy.

- A Jack Reed campaign sign leaned against the bathroom mirror in the men's rooms outside of the party. Surrounding it were four cups of alcohol and a bloody napkin. Possibly this was the still life of an election.

- On Kennedy Plaza a large crowd of RISD students ran wild towards the Biltmore high-fiving us and screaming "Obama" as they passed. Many of them were stripping off their clothes as they ran. On half naked girl straggled behind, her fishnet clad lower body draped in a battered American flag. Trailing them was a lone police cruiser.

- There was a sound in downtown providence that I have heard only a few times in my life. It was a low rumble of muted screams and unquenched riots. I heard this sound after the Red Sox won the world series in 2004, when people poured onto the streets in need of mass celebration.

- As we drove towards 95, a group of college-aged people hurtled towards the statehouse steps. They were followed by three police cruisers. Where there is chaos there is order.

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