Sunday, November 9, 2008

Local woman takes drive-thru literally

A woman took the concept of a "drive-thru pharmacy" just a tad too literally today when she hopped a curb and smashed through the wall of the CVS/Pharmacy on Metacom next to the King Phillips residence hall. The impact injured three people and left the car partially lodged in the wall.

We happened upon the scene on our way back from Stop & Shop. By the time we arrived ambulances had already departed though we were told that at least one person was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. A Cumberland Farms Employee said she was told everybody was expected to be OK.

Surprisingly when the car was removed from the wall it was in relatively good condition save a little damage to the front bumper.

In a good sign for RWU journalism a number of student reporters had gathered to take in the scene. Stephen DePasquale and Lorin Richardson of The Feed were gathering interviews for a video that they just finished completing. You can view it on the top of the video bar on the right of the blog.

Photos by Gregg Kelly

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  1. Thats crazy!! I'm glad no one got hurt.