Friday, November 7, 2008

Interviews in the Biltmore

At the Democratic Party at the Biltmore in Providence, we were able to get a few interviews on video. Some of them are a bit hard to hear, but we pulled out the best quotes into an article ("A snapshot of history). So if you were curious to see the emotion and rest of the interview, here they are...

Jermaine Whitehead, 30's, of RI

Amanda Buckley, senior at RWU, VP of College Democrats

Brian Leby, 16, of RI (on the right, Elizabeth Rose A'vant)

Ok, so this video isn't actually an interview, but it's still pretty interesting. Unfortunately, the Flip ran out of space so we only caught about 14 seconds. Walking back to the car through Kennedy Square in Providence, we came across a hoard of college students euphorically screaming for Obama. It looked like the Patriots won the Superbowl...

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