Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its 7:00 and we are sitting in a cafe in warren RI. We last checked in five hours ago. here's what happened during that period.

3:00 We are sitting outside June's office at RWU she recently received an email from a former campaign worker of hers. He now runs the campaign to reelect democrats to the senate from Washington. He told her at least seven senate seats would be going to the democrats. June is visibly excited though she claims it has to do with the fact that her friend is so successful and not simply that the democrats are doing well.

4:00 June is getting tired. She has been trying to convince her aging mother to let he take her to vote. Her mother says she isn't feeling all that well and has so far declined. As is common with June's office a steady stream of students and professors filter in and out. Her view of relaxation is different than most.

5:00 June actually leaves RWU. She is off to see her parents in Barrington. On the way she stops to pick up a pizza for her mother and father. "Half cheese half veggie," she says.

5:45 Her parents live in a cluttered house. A picture of a younger June climbing on some rocks sits behind the kitchen table which is littered with newspaper clippings. Her mother explain that June climbs mountains - metaphorically. She emphasizes the last part. Her father, a jazz drummer, once worked as Motown Record's distributor in New England. Their basement is filled with soul paraphernalia. Her mother was a stay at home mom. June kicks back and opens a beer. Bush. She says she is drinking it because she wants it, not because she needs it.

7:15 in 15 minutes June will arrive at the democratic club in Barrington. This is where she will eventually receive the results from today's local elections.

One hour and forty-five minutes until polls close.

stay tuned

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