Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Students wanted for Nate Mott Band music video

As you can tell from the heading, local group the Nate Mott Band, based out of Bristol, is making a music video and is looking for students to be in it.

Filming will take place Friday at 499 Hope St., and Sunday all day at the Bean. Sunday (Feb. 22) is the day they really need people, so if you're interested in being a part of the music video either post your name/email on this entry, or you can send your email address to You can also join the music video group on Facebook.

Also note that no compensation will be given (besides the fact that you'll be in a music video), but food will be provided. Nate Mott also says he'll be giving out kisses (on cheeks) and hugs. Dress casual, in darker colors (basically no neon).

So again: Nate Mott Band music video--if you want to be in it, post your name/email as a comment or send it to :)

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