Monday, February 23, 2009

RWU Featured in local paper

In case you weren't following the local news we figured we would do it for you. The Bristol Phoenix featured RWU prominently in three articles over the last two weeks; stories cover the progress of our many construction projects, the canola shuttle, and the sale of the King Phillip residence hall. Click on the included links to read the stories.

The Herald has previously featured articles on both the construction and the shuttle, so in two out of three cases the Phoenix got scooped; sorry guys.

NOTE: the canola shuttle link doesn't work but I swear they did write an article. The Phoenix seems to have taken it down for some reason but it may be back online soon.


  1. link to canola doesnt work

  2. Yeah, thanks. The link is down on the phoenix's website, so I'll leave it up in case it goes back online.