Thursday, February 12, 2009

Core and RAs fired at KP

Apparently the core of King Phillips and a number of the dorm's RAs were fired (last semester), possibly for lax oversight of the off campus apartments. We will have more information on this soon.

UPDATE: according to a comment on this post, the Core was fired last semester and if any RAs were fired it would have been last semester as well. If you have any information on this incident, please write us at


  1. Um... The core was fired over two months ago and their haven't been RAs fired this semester from that staff so get your facts straight

  2. Thanks for posting, this is how we get our facts straight. Housing has been uncooperative in discussing this with us thus far and therefore it has been difficult to clear this up.

    I will update this post to be a little more clear, but we were talking about incidents that occurred last semester which only came to our attention recently.

    please feel free to contact us through email at to give us more information on what exactly did or did not occur.