Friday, December 5, 2008

Majority of RWU students cheat on work

We surveyed 320 students, or roughly 8.5 percent of undergraduates, and found that 53 percent admitted to cheating on their schoolwork during their time here at RWU.

Of those who cheated 67 percent said they do it rarely, 25 percent said they cheat "sometimes" and 8 percent admitted to cheating frequently.

The worst offenders were juniors with 67 percent admitting they have cheated, compared to 49 percent of freshman who said they have cheated as of this point.

We defined cheating as anything that your teachers would not accept.

This number may sound high but a recent survey found that 64 percent of high students admitted to cheating on a test in the past year.

You can expect an interesting article on cheating at RWU in the Herald when we return from break. However, I will post it here in the next week!

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