Tuesday, October 28, 2008

President's forum

President Nirschel hosted this semester's student forum tonight in CAS. Allison Collins was there and reported on what was a relatively uneventful forum:
"MSU is upset that they don't have an office. The president didn't really give a response to that, except to say that they want to expand the Intercultural Center. The sailing team made an announcement that they won nationals over the weekend, and the Lacrosse and Rugby teams are upset that they still don't have a turf field. They made a big deal out of it. It was definitely the most talked about issue."
Athletics director George Kolb was interviewed for a providence journal article about RWU athletics, published in August of 2007. The article discussed the status of the turf field as it stood over 14 months ago:

"Kolb announced last spring that the school authorized construction of an artificial turf field to replace Bayside Field, home of soccer and lacrosse and is considering options to enhance the baseball and softball fields, which share outfield space now. The projects are on hold as a result of escalating costs and a university master planning process that is under way.

“In the short term it’s disappointing, but in the long term it’s the right decision,” he said

Also announced at the meeting was that RWU's endowment lost an additional 7-8 million on top of the 10 million it had already lost from its high of 114 million in 2007. If our math is on point that means the endowment is currently around 96 million. Due to the global economic crisis such a loss was to be expected. However the loss could lead to a little belt tightening of university spending.

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